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The winery rises above the spa town of Merano on the hill of a medial moraine. The vineyards around Rametz Castle are in an exceptionally favorable position: the vines take root at nearly 400 meters above sea level and are ventilated by mild southerly winds in the afternoon and cool mountain winds in the evening. Due to the geographically oriented slopes, the vineyards are pampered by the warm sun until the evening hours.

The historical heritage

The history of Rametz Castle in Merano

Where once noble personalities such as King Albert of Saxony, King Alexander of Serbia and Empress Sissi of Austria lodged during their spa stays, the flair of bygone times can still be felt today. The history of Rametz Castle near Merano dates back to 1227, and the first mentions are considered significant evidence of the local wine culture. What few people know: In addition to noble grape varieties such as Riesling, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, the first Pinot Noir vine in South Tyrol was planted here in 1860.

Wines in historic walls

The cellars of Rametz Castle

Making good wines is a craft, producing great wines is an art - and this has a long tradition at Rametz Castle. Nevertheless, in view of the changing wine culture, we are always striving to evolve, to dare new things and to strive for innovation. Just like nature, which we like to call our best partner, we are constantly on the move. Standing still is not an option. Our ambition is to imbue the natural product wine with authenticity and to tease out the true character from each fine drop. This is the only way to create individual wine experiences that are wings for the mind and velvet for the soul.

About us

Since 1972, the Schmid family has always strived to bring out the best from the vineyards with passion, a sense of tradition and innovation. To let varietal wines with their authentic characters find expression in the bottle - that is our mission, our passion.

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